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Together, we can find out the technology you are currently using, then we can see where it is working for you and where it needs improvement.

From this, we can formulate a plan to get your tech where it really needs to be, then you can relax and know you are heading in the right direction.


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We support customer's all around the globe and we are available for you almost 24/7 for the UK timezone

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If you're not happy, let us know where we need improvement. We are small enough to make quick changes for the better any moment, any day......

How We Serve?

Simply: we treat you the way we would expect to be treated.  We pay more than most to our suppliers to make sure we get the support we need to support you.
Value should never be compromised by price.

24x7 customer support

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30 days replacement

Fast delivery

12k+ happy customers

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Our Products and Services

Fixed Line

A fixed line network is a wired network used for voice and data communications through which a user can make phone calls or connect to the internet

Telephone Systems

Traditional Telephone systems were telephone lines and a box on the wall. Today, they are handsets connected to your internet connection


Business internet, Business Grade,
Voice priority Internet over copper, fibre lease line and/or 5G as a main connection or back-up

Office Printer

We are using printers less and less these days but they are still vital to running a business. Buy, rent or lease a printer with toner/ink supplied as part of the package


Colour night vision and Smart Ai Face Recognition and Automantic Number Plate recognition (ANPR) to really see what is going on


Business Internet, Business Grade with
Voice priority Internet over copper, fibre lease line and/or 5G as a main connection or back-up


Reduce your energy bills and have an allowance from the energy company to spend on the other services we can provide your business


Remotely controlled on your app, you can have a Wired and/or Wireless Intruder Alarms which sends your an image of the intruder(s).Fire/Smoke detection


Montoring, Maintain and support for your users when you most need it

What our customer has to say:

"Discounted Office Supplies have used Scott and the team at TIBG for over a decade now and have been invaluable in keeping us up-to-date with our phone systems.  Inevitably issues crop up from time-to-time but these are resolved within no time and we can carry on running our business.

I would have no issue recommending then to any business."


Discounted Office Supplies
"....we think of TIBG as our technology partner. 
They look after all of our business technology  Our business would not
be the same without them...."

Office internet
4G Internet
Office and Warehouse Wi-Fi
Vehicle Tracking
Printer Rental
IT, Server and PC hardware
IT Helpdesk and monitoring
Mobile SIM cards
Rugged 4G Handsets
CCTV and monitoring
Business Management Software
Vehicle Leasing

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New Horizon Distributions
"TIBG set up the temporary sites we have around the country. They are dependable and flexible, deliver on time, every time....."
4G Internet
Office and Site Wi-Fi
Vehicle Tracking
Printer rental
Stationary Supplies
IT Hardware

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Our Happy Clients

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Lets find where your business is being held back


Lets choose exactly the right products and services for your business


Lets get these in place to help as soon as possible


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