About Us

UK Business VoIP systems provider with 99.9% SLA guaranteed uptime

Equipment and Software

We own our equipment and software.

Independent Business

Fully independent UK and Australian VOIP provider.

Billing System

Custom developed billing system


Registered with Ofcom and have our own autonomous system numbers.


We are a team of dedicated professionals who really love what we do. Our CEO started offering VoIP solutions in 2011 and was able to build a wealth of knowledge and experience. We now provide VoIP services to organisations worldwide with infrastructure located in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. While we now serve a larger client base, we continue to offer a personalised service to each of our customers. Significant investments have been made into both equipment and software development, leading to the development of many custom features designed especially for business uses.

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Here are some reasons why we think you will like us

Number Portability

  • Keep your existing number even if you move outside of your local phone exchange area.
Reduced Expenses
    • No line rentals
    • No expensive onsite PBX
    • No maintenance fees
    • Competitive call rates
    • Never miss a call
    • Work from anywhere
    • One VoIP phone system for all your offices

Advanced Functionality
    • IVR Menus
    • Voicemail to email
    • Call recording
    • Conference calls
    • Custom music on hold
    • Advanced Reporting
    • Call queues
    • Call transfer
    • Time Conditions and more

One Network
  • Save on additional cabling
    Easy installation. Just plug and play!sddsfdsf

Our Team

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Ralph Edwards


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Robert Fox

Office manager

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Danny Bailey


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John Cooper


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Frequently Asked Questions>

Why should i switch to VOIP?

VoIP stands for the Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP allows for transmission between voice and video via the web, including wired and wireless methods. If you are using a landline for your business, you should consider switching to VoIP for the following reasons:

• Cost-effective. In comparison to landline providers, VoIP offers competitive prices due to the ready internet infrastructure. VoIP provides the same quality of calls whilst delivering additional features at a lower cost, proving to be advantageous.

• Easy to scale. As your company grows, the need for devices and connections grow. With VoIP, this is easily accessible with a couple of clicks. In comparison, landline providers require lines to be laid physically, increasing time and expenditure.

• Added features. What can you do with landline telephony? Only calls and faxes. Switching over to VoIP, you will gain additional features such as advanced call reports, integration of third-party services, smart routing, call recordings and more.

Cloud-Hosted PBX  (Private Branch Exchange) is the next generation of the classical PBX. Built on VoIP technology and operating not locally but via the internet. Cloud-hosted PBX can be used with VoIP-ready phones and specific programs commonly known as soft-phones. Aside from making and receiving calls via the web, you will gain access to  additional features  such as advanced call reports, integration with third-party services, smart routing, real-time monitoring, voicemail to email and more.

SIP Trunk  or SIP Trunking is a method that allows you to connect your existing onsite PBX Phone system to the Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP). You will gain further opportunities with VoIP telephony even with the old PBX.